Sunday, September 23, 2018

Snorkeling in Croatia

It is not possible to spend a holiday with your girlfriend in Dalmatia without going to the sea. So we stayed in a pretty village called Kravica, very close to Makarska. Passing the harbor, a stony path leads along the sea. We looked for a nice spot and cooled off in the water. Armed with goggles and a GoPro, I tried my luck at snorkeling. Scroll down past the pictures and check the result.

Harbor of Kravica
The stony path to...
...this beautiful beach
Happy couple :-)
Not very colorful, still fun to watch: Chelon labrosus - Thicklip Grey Mullet
Watch your step: Arbacia lixula -  Black Sea Urchin


  1. sehr motivierend, wieder an der Kroatischen K├╝ste Urlaub zu machen!

  2. One can't build a sandcastle there but the clear water 100% makes up for that. Croatia is beautiful and a paradise for diving.