Saturday, May 26, 2018

Romalea microptera

The Eastern Lubber Grasshopper (Romalea microptera) is very common in the Everglades and in some places they are abundant. Some gardeners probably don't like them very much. As a nature photographer, I really enjoy those colorful insects.

These giants can reach 8 cm (3 in). They are slow moving creatures, unable to fly... so good chances for nice macro shots!  How does a big, slow and not camouflaged cricket survive with tons of predators around? They can emit a foul-smelling and foul-tasting foamy secretion from the thorax when they feel threatened. So the red and yellow is used as a warning coloring (aposematism).

Also very interesting is the different appearence of the young (nymph) and the adult specimen.

Romalea microptera (adult)
Romalea microptera (adult)

Romalea microptera (nymph)
Romalea microptera (nymph)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wild Florida - Video

After I spent alomst half a year in Costa Rica, we decided to celebrate the family reunion with a nice vacation.
The perfect destination for a mix of the regular holiday stuff and my passion (nature photography / herping) was not hard to find: Florida, USA.

So my parents, my sister and her boyfriend joined me on the trip to the Sunshine State. It rained a lot... not common during this time of the year and not the best weather for our plans. Still, we had a very nice time! At the beach, at the pool, in shopping malls (not that nice for me #yawn) and especially in the nature. 

Please check this video showing some of the wildlife we encountered: